Training Systems for RF Link Operators

RF Links suffer from the effects of physics (Doppler, attenuation, fading, etc.) and accidental interference or intentional jamming. Kratos RT Logic has developed sophisticated products that enable the operators of RF communications equipment to be trained under realistic field conditions.

The T400CS RF/IF Channel Simulator generates physics-compliant, phase-continuous signals that precisely replicate real-world signals between flying platforms and other flight or ground platforms, all without leaving the laboratory. Closely coupled into Analytical Graphics, Inc.’s Systems Tool Kit (AGI’s STK), the T400CS lets users concentrate on their work, rather than the operating details of the instrument. From a training perspective, the Channel Simulator can provide system operators with realistic experience on nominal and worst-case signals, with or without accidental interference or intentional jamming. Click here for more details on our Channel Simulator.

Kratos RT Logic’s new GeoSim™ Geolocation Signal Simulator blends advanced Channel Simulator technology with detailed earth station, satellite, and interference modeling. Closely integrated with AGI’s STK software, GeoSim™ creates the exact signals our satID® Signal Geolocation System would receive under any geolocation scenario. It can be connected to a satID® Signal Geolocation System for in-depth training of Link Protection professionals, and periodic automated satID® system self-test to assure peak system performance. Call or email us to discuss your RF interference detection and geolocation requirements with one of our GeoSim experts.

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