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Kratos RT Logic’s Satellite Test products and integrated systems are both proven and innovative, supporting both RF link and baseband testing requirements. As a major element of the Kratos RT Logic Applied Test Systems solution portfolio, our Satellite Test products are trusted for critical system performance verification during satellite manufacture, launch support, ground systems compatibility, and operational scenario testing. Kratos RT Logic test equipment is used to verify the performance of various satellite subsystems, from TT&C bus and unit test, to mission data downlink test, and RF link compliance testing. You can check out the area of most relevance to your application by clicking the links to the left of this paragraph.

Our test systems build on Kratos RT Logic’s widely deployed satellite ground system product offerings, augmented with our industry-recognized test domain expertise, and leading third-party test instrumentation. The result is a test architecture that meets or exceeds technical performance requirements while offering the benefits of modularity and scalability. For many in our extensive customer install base, Kratos RT Logic’s ability to provide a Test-Like-You-Fly solution offers the optimum combination of capability coupled with low risk and affordability.

Satellite TT&C Bus Test

Narrowband and wideband test • Both digital baseband and RF/IF testing • Single or multiple simultaneous uplinks/downlinks • Front-End Processor (FEP) with COMSEC support

TDRS Link Test System

TDRS forward and return link spread spectrum • Payload and transponder test • Doppler simulator

T400CS RF Channel Simulator

Satellite (LEO, GEO, MEO, Micro, Nano, Pico) • UAV, missile, and target applications

Satellite Test Companion Products

  • D-Matrix Digital Switching
  • Autometrx Test Framework
  • RF Matrix Switching

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