Launch and Test Range Ground Systems

The nation’s launch and test range infrastructure is a critical asset that requires leading-edge, high performance ground system products to ensure reliability of launches and availability of test data. Kratos RT Logic receiver, recorder, network gateway, and mux/demux products connect range antennas to ground networks and back to control centers for real-time monitoring of launches or flight tests. Our simulation products enable testing of ground network infrastructure prior to flight, greatly improving test and launch confidence by reducing risk. Check out the products described below and give us a call to discuss your launch or test range applications.

New! T400RR ARTM Range Receiver

Dual Receiver/Combiner in 2U • Full range of legacy and ARTM waveform support • Integrated Spectrum Analyzer • serial and IP output options • web-based GUI control and display • Linux-based with built-in IA Hardening, optional quarterly updates

New! SpectralNet/Range RF-over-IP

Eliminate distance constraints for RF signal distribution with lossless transport over IP networks and faithful signal reconstruction • relocate signal processing assets and reduce site equipment • flexible frequency and bandwidth options • optional RF record/playback

ioPLEX Mux/Demux Network Edge Device

Dual GigE network interfaces (optical or copper) for packet network uplink, with IPv4 and IPv6 support • High reliability and availability: 1 to 1 redundancy, hot-swap for all modules means Telco grade equipment

T400CS RF Channel Simulator

Satellite (LEO, GEO, MEO, Micro, Nano, Pico) • UAV, missile, and target applications

T400TSS Telemetry Signal Simulator

L/S-Band, 70 MHz baseband output frequencies standard; other bands optional • FM (TIER 0), PM, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK (SQPSK), UAQPSK, SOQPSK (MILSTD and TG (TIER 1)), and mH-CPM (TIER 2) waveforms.

T500RX Recorder Family

Records serial PCM, network IP, analog, IF, RF, video • Supports aggregate rates up to 10 Gbps • Open file system supports user access to recorded files • IRIG Chapter 10 compatible

BSS Best Source Selector

Application scalable number telemetry inputs and outputs • Up to 24 frame synchronization/monitoring channels

Data Defender - Network Packet Loss Protection

Reliable data delivery over impaired networks • Low overhead • Tunable algorithm to match network characteristics • Supports speeds up to 10 Gb Ethernet

Download Now - Adapting RF/IF over IP for Range Applications

Adapting RF/IF over IP for Range Applications

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