EW Training Systems

Training systems are often limited to canned scenarios or even computer-based training with fixed screens. Those methods may suffice for training on simple systems in static environments but may be insufficient to train users to operate complex signal processing systems in a dynamic signal environment. Kratos RT Logic’s expertise in using commercial hardware to process high data rate, proprietary signals has also provided us a wealth of experience in building very high fidelity signal emulators for use as both development and testing tools. These signal emulators also have great value as training tools. When we couple a high fidelity signal emulator with operational sensor hardware, the result is an exceptionally powerful hardware-in-the-loop training system. Here are some of the key characteristics of Kratos RT Logic’s test and training systems:

  • Single or multi-node operation: Networked architecture can easily be exploited to do multi-site training. A CONUS-based test controller can conduct a global exercise.
  • Threat emulation and playback: We can emulate and inject many common RF threats without having to schedule and transmit live EMI signals. This includes playback of recorded threat signals.
  • School house training: Enables in depth training using operational equipment and current operational scenarios.
  • Site training: Enables on-site crews to train like they fight, using actual or recorded signals and jamming events, and maximize use of time 24/7.
  • Customizable: Trainer can customize scenarios, injecting various EMI/RFI events as needed.
  • System test and debugging: Can be used as a remotely controllable signal source for testing and debugging.
  • Low data rate operation: GUI and multiple SSE hardware elements can be connected with a low rate, high latency network link.

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