Satellite TT&C Ground Stations

Satellite Ground Stations, or Ground Antenna Sites, provide the critical RF communications interface for your spacecraft commands, telemetry, and ranging, making your choice of ground station equipment critical to the success of your mission. Kratos RT Logic satellite TT&C ground station products include modems, recorders, and network gateways. Kratos RT Logic products are field-proven and are deployed in operational ground station sites around the world. Most of the major satellite manufacturers employ the same Kratos RT Logic modem products for factory test of the critical RF links for multiple satellite and spacecraft families.

T70/70XL TT&C Modem

World’s Leading Ranging Modem for Standard SGLS/USB Applications – this is the AFSCN’s Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Natively supports a 70MHz IF Interface, Kratos RT Logic supports a range of complementary frequency conversion products. Windows-7 OS.

T400XR TT&C Modem

Customizable software-defined waveform processing, Ranging, SGLS/USB, and TDRS spread spectrum. 70 MHz IF and optional fully integrated S/L-Band interfaces. Linux OS with IA Hardening Options

T500GT Network Gateway

The Ground Station counterpart of the Network Gateway located at the satellite control center, with which it communicates across an IP WAN. The functions of Ground Station Network Gateway are often fully integrated into the ground station modem, saving cost and footprint while increasing reliability. Optionally includes full CCSDS processing capabilities, SLE compatibility, and Recording

Related Products and Capabilities

  • CyberC4 - a family of products tailored to protect your satellite ground network from Cyber attack
  • DataDefender – provides forward error correction to ensure delivery of packets across a lossy IP network, without the burden of TCP/IP retransmission of lost packets.
  • CCSDS SLE – interoperate with remote ground stations using the standard CSSDS SLE protocols
  • Digital IF and Digital Modem Options – digitize your IF spectrum at the ground station, then transport and recreate and/or demodulate anywhere across a standard IP network
  • T400SM Spectrum Monitor - know when your RF/IF signal quality is degraded because of interference
  • T400FC Frequency Converters - a wide range of options to tailor the modem’s IF to your RF band.

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