Small Satellite Ground

Kratos RT Logic’s family of Small Sat Ground Solutions is the answer for affordable, fully functional ground systems for Small Sat applications. Small Sats aren’t just smaller versions of larger satellites – they are changing the face of the space business, thanks to their low cost to build and launch, the accelerated schedules to launch, and the innovative business plans being built around them. Similarly, ground systems for Small Sats aren’t just re-purposed versions of a large program ground infrastructure – they are leveraging new technology and innovative approaches specifically designed to match the requirements, schedules, and budgets of Small Sat programs.

Some small sat ground operators are looking for a fully-integrated, turnkey solution – while some plan to use a third party ground network to provide signal processing and antenna resources. Some small sat ground systems already have a C2 solution selected. Whatever your situation with respect to how/what you need to complete your ground system architecture, Kratos RT Logic’s modular solutions can help:


The space/ground signal processing solution designed specifically for small sats. Delivers all of the typical signal processing functions required for small satellite space-ground communication, including  modulation, demodulation, error correction, and up/down frequency conversion to the bands required. Supports a wide range of uplink/downlink frequency bands at low to high data rates, and has been pre-tested with a range of common space radios.


Connects C2 systems to RF signal processing equipment. All of the digital processing functions in a typical small satellite ground system are included as needed - command and telemetry processing, recording, AES COMSEC security, CSSDS processing, packet level FEC, and network gateway interface support to your own or third party ground antenna networks.

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