Satellite Control Center Systems

Kratos RT Logic is the leader in supplying Front End processor (FEP) and Network Gateways for satellite control center applications for both government and commercial customers.

Front-End Processors connect satellite Command & Control (C2) systems to COMSEC devices on the “Red side” of a satellite ground architecture, and Network Gateways connect from the “Black side” of a COMSEC device to wide area network (WAN). Kratos RT Logic has long been the leader in IP-to-serial FEPs and Gateways for satellite control centers. As networks evolve to become all-IP-based, satellite control centers and COMSEC devices are starting to follow. Kratos RT Logic has emerged as the leader in supporting these newer IP-based architectures with our Software FEP and Software Gateway products. Whether your control center application will be serial or IP-based, give Kratos RT Logic’s Satellite Control Center experts a call.

T501 Front-End Processor

Connects satellite Command & Control (C2) systems to COMSEC devices – performing the full range commanding and telemetry processing functions • Supports the interface to and the control of all commonly used COMSEC equipment (KG61/62s, Mykotronx units, KI-17, KIV-7, and KS252 etc) • Extensive CCSDS Support, GEMS-compliant control and status interface.

T500GT Network Gateway

Connects Satellite Command and Control (C2) systems and associated COMSEC devices to a WAN • Deterministically transmits data content over IP networks; performs telemetry, commanding, and CCSDS processing • Supports both serial and IP interfaces on the satellite control center side.

Software Front-End Processor and Gateway Systems

All of the functionality of the hardware-based T501 FEP or T500GT, but in a software-only form • Scalable, memory-efficient, runs on Kratos RT Logic hardware systems or customer-provided platforms • Scalability Features and blade server architecture support • Support for leading virtualization environments.

AFSCN Network Gateway

Performs the protocol and interface processing required to connect a satellite control center to AFSCN ground antenna sites; includes command and telemetry processing and enables monitoring and control of the remote ground station equipment • Supports Ternary, Binary, Dibit, and EXU serial formats.

Related Products and Capabilities

  • DataDefender – provides forward error correction to ensure delivery of packets across a lossy IP network, without the burden of TCP/IP retransmission of lost packets.
  • CCSDS SLE – interoperate with remote ground stations using the standard CSSDS SLE protocols
  • CyberC4 - a family of products tailored to protect your satellite ground network form Cyber attack

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