Mission Downlink Receivers

Your high rate downlink receiver provides the RF to digital communication path for your spacecraft telemetry and mission data. With ever-increasing data rates and emerging error-correction codes, your downlink receiver needs to have the power and flexibility to meet your current and future mission requirements. Review the products and complementary capabilities listed below, then give us a call to talk with an Kratos RT Logic satellite mission data downlink receiver product expert.

Multi Mission Receiver (MMR)

Software/Firmware Customizable Waveforms • Multi channel 2Gbps Demodulators; DVB-S2; CCSDS; TDRS waveforms • L-Band and Programmable IF interfaces • NASA, NOAA, Remote Sensing, Science Payload Missions

T400RCV Receiver 

Software/Firmware Customizable Waveforms • PSK, PM, FM, and TDRS waveforms • 70 MHz IF and fully integrated S/L-Band interfaces • Spectral display, I/Q vector plot

HDRM High Data Rate Modem 

DVB-S2 up to 300 MSymbols/sec • LDCM/LANDSAT-8 support • Common Data Link (CDL) support

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