Satellite Ground Solutions

Satellite Ground Solutions

From single satellites to mega-constellations; from dedicated applications to multi-mission solutions, Kratos provides satellite ground solutions when you need the lowest risk, best value and highest performance.

Satellite Ground Solutions

National Programs   Small Satellite   Multi-Mission
High performance, complete, tailored satellite ground solution that meets your exact mission needs

  Commercial, off the shelf software based ground system solution that is easy to use and deploy

  Orchestration of applications and micro-services for a complete end-to-end satellite ground solution

Kratos ground solutions are based on proven, pre-integrated sub-systems that reduce technical, schedule and integration risk. Beyond offering the lowest risk, they feature the latest orchestration technology in order to create infrastructure that scales up or down on demand. Careful system design addresses security, information assurance (IA), and situational awareness across the entire end-to-end system.

Solutions span the spectrum from immediate, out-of-the-box simplicity to maximum performance tailored to meet the most demanding requirements. Orchestration of applications and micro-services for both cloud and on-premises deployments align the mission needs with the applications, data and infrastructure. This capability includes automated workflows, provisioning, and change management that create flexibility like on-demand deployment of multiple instances of a single applications. Flexibility, which is essential to resiliency, is achieved with rapid setup, capacity that scales and is modified on the fly, and updates that can be made easily with scripts. This approach maximizes common capabilities but also provides compatibility with mission specific components.

For over 20 years Kratos has been the provider of choice, supporting hundreds of missions and commercial customers. Solutions are currently used by the small sat sector, commercial and government enterprises with forward-looking EGS compatibility, and national programs with the most demanding requirements.

Kratos has demonstrated a path forward to transition the Command and Control System-Consolidated (CCS-C) and the Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Satellite C2 system, into the Air Force Spacecraft Enterprise Ground Services (EGS). EGS will integrate with the Air Force's Enterprise Space Battle Management Command and Control system (BMC2) now being developed.

Kratos has also provided a national civil space program a virtualized solution designed specifically for the unique needs of small satellite (SmallSat) missions. The program will allow automated, unmanned operation, minimizing the need for additional personnel even with an increase in the number of missions. The plug-and-play solution will require little or no hardware reconfiguration and reduce onboarding time for new missions.

Kratos has integrated more satellite ground systems than any other provider in the world, which includes the multi-mission Command and Control System – Consolidated (CCS-C) Program, which flies all of the U.S. Air Force’s Milsatcom Satellites (DSCS, Milstar, WGS, and AEHF) at Schriever AFB. 

Leading industry products designed by Kratos for these successful programs include:

  • EPOCH® IPS Real-time Command and Control for LEO, GEO and Deep Space
  • quantumCMD COTS appliance designed to meet needs of small satellite operations