CyberC4:Alert Real-Time Cyber Situational Awareness for Satellite Ground Networks


As satellite networks move toward end-to-end IP environments, the attack surface for cyber threats is increasing, placing mission operations and sensitive data at a heightened risk for compromise. Kratos RT Logic’s CyberC4:Alert is the first Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system specifically for satellite networks that provides network administrators and information security officers with real-time situational awareness and incident response.

Important to a foundation of cyber security situational awareness is implementation of a SIEM that monitors and consolidates data from independent security devices such as firewalls and IDS’ into a single dashboard.

Product Description

CyberC4:Alert is the first SIEM designed specifically for satellite networks. It provides comprehensive situational awareness, continuously monitoring for threats by gathering cyber security event data from across the network. Its correlation engine with user-defined rules and policies prioritizes events by their severity, alerting users of system threats, performance issues, and compliance violations through a flexible drill-down dashboard.

Key Features

  • Automated real-time DIACAP compliance reporting
  • Plug-ins for mission-unique SATCOM equipment
  • Central location for situational awareness

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