ISR Big Data Distribution & Transport

Collecting real-time data can be challenging—getting the data to the people who need it shouldn’t be. Kratos RT Logic understands the challenges of transferring large amounts of data to geographically dispersed locations. With our full line of data distribution and transport products, securely and reliably moving your data from the source to one or more destinations has never been easier.

From simple point-to-point solutions for which cost effectiveness is the primary driver, to complex data transfer systems that prioritize reliability and mission assurance, Kratos RT Logic can meet your needs. Our cutting edge technology overcomes severe network impairments, even in high-latency, low-bandwidth situations, guaranteeing your data arrives in pristine condition without the cost of expensive, top-of-the-line service level agreements.

SpectralFox ISR Big Data SATCOM Relay

Leveraging many of the features of the products listed below, SpectralFox™ is a turnkey SATCOM relay system tailored for moving ISR Big Data files at record speed through SATCOM links from field locations. Providing highly efficient bandwidth utilization of existing fielded SATCOM assets, SpectralFox reduces data delivery time with error-free performance.

ioPLEX Mux/Demux Network Edge Device

Dual GigE network interfaces (optical or copper) for packet network uplink, with IPv4 and IPv6 support • High reliability and availability: 1 to 1 redundancy, hot-swap for all modules means Telco grade equipment

DataDefender - Network Packet Loss Protection

Reliable data delivery over impaired networks • Low overhead • Tunable algorithm to match network characteristics • Supports speeds up to 10 Gb Ethernet

T500MX Mux/Demux Network Edge Device

Deterministically transports serial data over IP-based networks • Maintains rigid time-data correlation • Little latency contribution • Extremely low stream-to-stream skew

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