ISR Big Data Capture Record

Capturing and recording data is at the heart of many operations. Being able to faithfully reproduce a variety of data formats allows you to get results from analysis sooner, pinpoint and resolve anomalies faster, and ensure that missions succeed even in the event of network or downstream processing failure.

Kratos RT Logic’s SpectralCap™ Data Capture/Record products, tailored for ISR Big Data, are ideally suited for capturing valuable real-time data in virtually any format. Whether it is digital, IP, analog, video, IF, or RF, SpectralCap makes recording large amounts of data painless, and accurate playback of that data enables analysts and users to focus on the results, not on the process.

ISR Data Capture/Record products integrate with commercial Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN)

SpectralCap Record/Playback Solutions

A family of leading edge record/playback capabilities • serial PCM, network IP, analog, IF, RF, video • Supports aggregate rates in excess of 10 Gbps • Supports dozens of processing algorithms • Open file system supports user access to recorded files • Provides simultaneous record and playback capabilities • Supports real-time distribution via standard IP networks with packet loss error correction capabilities

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