Protected Communications and Tactical Waveforms

Protected Communications & Tactical Waveforms

The need to protect communication links becomes more important as the battlefield grows more digital. Kratos provides resilient, protected communication and tactical waveform solutions that address interference, detection, interception, jamming, and spoofing threats, ensuring military users around the globe securely transmit critical information.

Kratos offers solutions in the RF or tactical waveform domain to protect military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) at both the strategic and tactical level. The technology allows a user to intelligently avoid and/or mitigate interference. In the event that nothing else will work, Kratos provides the technical resources to fight through an attack.

Our solutions offer low probability of interception, detection, and exploitation (LPI/LPD/LPE). They are designed to be survivable, capable of overcoming enemy jamming and scintillation, as well as provide robust command and control services in all operational environments.

Kratos supports protected communication technology and tactical waveform solutions for the Air Force, Navy, Army, among many other U.S. defense agencies and support some of the largest satellite providers in the world. Kratos collaborates with others in the industry and the U.S. government with research and development efforts to improve protected communication network reliability.

One example of this collaborative approach is the Wideband Communications Architecture Study (WCAS) where Kratos has been a key collaborator in helping to define the next generation resilient ground architecture for the Department of Defense (DoD). Kratos was awarded three of the study’s primary tasks: 1) defining the overall ground architecture; 2) identifying flexible and efficient mechanisms to provide wideband transport including both satellite communications (SATCOM) and ground resources; and 3) determining the operations management requirements needed to facilitate system control and situational awareness.

Kratos has also leveraged its Information Assurance (IA) hardening service with their virtual machine software products to deliver an integrated security solution meeting the demanding requirements of DoD mission systems. It is a virtual architecture solution that gives the power to control a fleet of satellites from multiple operation centers supporting separate command and control missions and also provides control and status of the KS-252 crypto on Boeing's GSCCE Evolution program.