WRMS Wideband Remote Monitoring Sensor


Kratos RT Logic provides a wide range of capabilities supporting the detection and mitigation of RF interference on satellite links. The basic capabilities common to most of these systems are listed below. Call for more details.

Design Options

  • Incoming RF bands that are downconverted to L-band: C, X, Ku, Ka
  • RF signals generated from recorded data or new signals simulated in: L, C, X, Ku, Ka
  • IF of the system: 70 MHz, 266 MHz, 1.2 GHz
  • RF Up- and downconversion chassis size: 1U (rack unit), 2U
  • Instantaneous bandwidth per channel: 40 MHz, 85 MHz, 125 MHz, 250 MHz
  • Number of signal processing channels per 2U chassis: 1-4
  • Built-in test and training
  • Network of integrated, remotely operated sensors or stand-alone locally operated sensor
  • Optional Compass™ network management for control and status of all hardware elements
  • Custom signal specifications
  • Custom user interface screens

Key Features

  • High reliability components with 12-month standard warranty
  • Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) that can be replaced by customer personnel to minimize downtime
  • No annual license renewals required
  • Talented, can-do engineering team with renowned customer support skills
  • Monics capabilities(click here for additional details)
  • Automatic monitoring and alarms
  • Automatic interference detection
  • Extensive carrier management
  • Carrier under carrier display
  • FEC reporting
  • TDMA/FDMA display
  • Transponder compression monitoring

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