Networks & Cybersecurity

Networks and Cybersecurity

Networks play a vital role in the missions of DoD and Civil agencies, but often have vulnerabilities that impede critical decision making and action. Kratos helps these organizations achieve end-to-end network resilience and enhanced service quality. A range of solutions include dependable transport of vital information, sensors and analytics that give operators better network situational awareness, heightened readiness and robust cyber protection.

Kratos has a unique focus on networks that support satellite and defense communications with real-time applications. Combining this focus with deep domain knowledge and unique technology leads to a set of specialized solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of these mission critical networks.

Missions increasingly need analysis that minimizes time to decision and action. Complex networks can interfere with data reaching its destination in a reliable and timely way, but Kratos data transport solutions guarantee data arrives on time. Understanding when networks are in disconnected, intermittent, and limited bandwidth (DIL) environments, and when full capability is restored, is vital to continuing operations.

Resiliency results from having operators that understand the real-time status of network components. Satellite ground networks are prime targets for cyber-attack, but must include specialized and legacy equipment with Information Assurance (IA) deficiencies and that run insecure protocols. Kratos has special expertise in supporting highly sensitive networks as well as safely and securely passing data between security domains, including products and solutions for hardening ground station equipment and protecting against insider risks.

Kratos supports mission critical networks for the US Air Force and other DoD services, the intelligence community, and civil agencies like NASA and NOAA. These networks are often complex and can be vulnerable. Kratos data transport, network situational awareness and IA and cybersecurity solutions overcome threats and assure data reaches its users.

CyberC4 is an integrated family of products designed for the unique cyber defense needs of satellite ground network environments including situational awareness, and active defense for total protection from cyber attacks.

Kratos RT Logic’s IA Hardening process is designed to ensure that customer security requirements are met on-time and on-budget, with verification of no impact to application functionality or performance.

Missions are in jeopardy when data does not reach the user. Kratos’ DataDefender is a network acceleration solution that addresses high priority needs of mission critical strategic applications requiring real-time data transport across WAN links.

When your RF link is suffering from interference—whether accidental or intentional — Kratos RT Logic’s RF Link Monitoring and Link Protection Systems can identify and alert you to the problem, and optionally provide capabilities for mitigating the effect.