Cyber and Mission Assurance

Your Satellite Network and RF Links are Under Attack • Your Network is Dropping Packets • What do you do?

Satellite ground networks exist in the real world. That makes the threat of attack very real.

Satellite ground networks are migrating to lower cost, interoperable IP-based technologies. Tremendous improvements in cost, performance, and interoperability bring new risks, such as cyber security risks and network packet loss on real-world networks. RF links carry your most important C2 and mission data—links that can be compromised by attempts at deliberate jamming or spoofing, or by inadvertent interference. RT Logic has developed capabilities and products that can mitigate all of these threats.

CyberC4 is an integrated family of products designed for the unique cyber defense needs of satellite ground network environments including situational awareness, and active defense for total protection from cyber attacks.

RT Logic’s IA Hardening process is designed to ensure that customer security requirements are met on-time and on-budget, with verification of no impact to application functionality or performance.

RT Logic’s Data Defender provides protection against packet loss when streaming data traversing lossy IP networks. Data Defender’s packet-level error correction algorithm enables packet delivery with minimal packet overhead and lower latency compared to TCP/IP without FEC.

When your RF link is suffering from interference—whether accidental or intentional—RT Logic’s RF Link Monitoring and Link Protection Systems can identify and alert you to the problem, and optionally provide capabilities for mitigating the effect.