Applied Test and Training Systems

Today’s defense and aerospace systems require Applied Test & Training Systems of the highest caliber to assure post-delivery performance. After systems are fielded, operators need ongoing training under realistic conditions to be ready for any eventuality. RT Logic specializes in highly-engineered COTS products and systems that meet test and training needs.

RT Logic’s Satellite Test products and integrated systems support both RF link and baseband testing requirements. Our products are trusted for critical system performance verification during satellite manufacture, launch support, ground systems compatibility, and operational scenario testing.

RT Logic’s Missile Test systems are based on a scalable platform that can provide emulation and test capability for a wide range of Radio Frequency (RF), Intermediate Frequency (IF), analog, and digital interfaces for a missile under test.

The RT Logic Channel Simulator creates RF and/or IF signals that precisely match those that occur when transmitters and receivers are in motion with respect to one another, accurately duplicating the motion effects and RF channel physics effects on an RF link.

On Launch & Test Ranges, RT Logic products provide both ground infrastructure products that connect ground antennas to control centers, and systems that monitor RF link health.

Common Data Link is the RF link waveform of choice for the nation’s major UAV systems. RT Logic’s CDL Compliance Test Set provides the independent waveform verification test set for UAV and ground system suppliers.

RT Logic’s powerful hardware-in-the-loop EW training systems leverage our high fidelity signal emulator products and operational sensor hardware, enabling operators and users to train in a complex dynamic signal environment.

RT Logic’s RF Links established between a moving platform and a ground station, or between two moving platforms, are subject to multiple variables that affect link performance. RT Logic Training Systems for Dynamic RF Links Operators enable operators to train under real-world conditions, without flying anything.