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Space and Ground Communication

RT Logic connects ground antenna sites to C2 systems and users to their data. If you need to communicate with a satellite or spacecraft, you need to talk with RT Logic. We are the leading supplier of ground-based equipment for space/ground communications, and more than 80% of America’s Space Missions use RT Logic products during their test, launch, or on-orbit phase.

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Applied Test and Training Systems

Today’s defense and aerospace systems require test systems of the highest caliber to assure post-delivery performance. After systems are fielded, operators need ongoing training under realistic conditions to be ready for any eventuality. RT Logic specializes in highly-engineered COTS products and systems that meet these test and training needs.

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Cyber and Mission Assurance

Satellite ground networks are migrating to IP-based technologies, which brings new risks—cyber security risks and potential network packet loss. RF Links carrying critical C2 and mission data can be compromised by attempts at deliberate jamming or spoofing, or by inadvertent interference. RT Logic has developed capabilities and products that can mitigate all of these threats.

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Assured Data Transport

Today's ISR platforms are producing an ever-expanding torrent of real-time data that must be captured, recorded, transported, and delivered often under difficult field conditions and in a disadvantaged communication environment. Analysts and Operators want their data delivered reliably, and they want it fast. RT Logic delivers.

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