RF Anywhere…Over Any IP Network

Kratos RT Logic’s SpectralNet eliminates the physical distance limitations in RF signal distribution, enabling the optimization of ground infrastructure to improve flexibility, reliability and reduce costs. SpectralNet is the first product to digitize and transport RF spectrum over IP networks in a way that preserves both frequency and timing characteristics, and then faithfully reconstructing the original RF signals to enable processing, recording or retransmission at another location. SpectralNet provides advanced networking tools to ensure reliable transport of digitized RF across lossy public and private IP networks. SpectralNet brings analog RF data to the IP network world, unleashing the power of virtualization and centralization of ground architectures for satellite and range ground systems, teleports, UAV and missile ranges, and ISR data processing.

The simple ability to perform long-haul network transport and reconstruction of any RF signal enables ground systems to be optimized in a way never possible before. This ushers in solutions that provide new benefits to users and operators of ground systems. These benefits include:

  • Centralization of Ground System Assets to Simplify Operations and Lower Costs
  • Effective Rain Fade Mitigation to Provide Guaranteed Service over High Frequency Satellites
  • Increased Flexibility in Antenna Placement to Lower Costs and Space Requirements
  • Virtualization of the Ground Segment signal processing to Lower Costs and Increase Operational Flexibility
  • Flexibility in the Location of Customer Premise Equipment or Specialized Processing Equipment to Enable New Services for Network Customers
  • Enabling New Backup and Disaster Recovery Scenarios To Meet Stringent SLA Requirements
  • Locating antennas in the most advantageous or low cost locations
  • Transporting RF with Noiseless signal distribution

SpectralNet: Real-Time RF Anywhere...over Any IP Network

SpectralNet Diagram

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