T400SG-SSE Satellite Signal Emulator


The RT Logic T400 Real Time Satellite Signal Emulator (T400SG-SSE) generates a high fidelity RF signal stream that precisely replicates the data channel of a satellite downlink. This provides a valuable tool for hardware-in-the-loop test and training and as risk reduction for development and test of ground user equipment.

Key Features

  • Form factor: 1 RU or 2 RU depending on number of channels and required upconversion
  • Signal format: customer defined, programmed by either the customer or RT Logic
  • Output frequency: IF of 70 or 266 MHz; UHF; L; S; C; X; Ku
  • Number of channels: each DG5500 generates up to 8 independent channels within the 85 MHz instantaneous BW
  • Options
    • Channel simulation: can add an additional DG5500 to replicate physics based effects
    • Additional DG5500 digitizers can be added, 8 channels per digitizer
    • Wideband DG6000 (250 MHz) digitizers available
    • Custom signal support

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