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Spacecraft Solar Array Simulation and Power Test Solutions

The Solar Array Simulator (SAS) has the task of simulating the current and voltage (I/V) characteristics of spacecraft Solar Arrays as seen by the spacecraft Power Control and Distribution Unit (PCDU), allowing for extensive testing and validation without the need for the actual Solar Arrays at various stages of integration.

The Solar Array Simulator provides the following basic functions:

  • Full Solar Array individual string I/V characteristic simulation by the means of Rovsing RO-5100 SAS Module together with a Rovsing Second Level Protection (SLP) Unit per string
  • High fidelity simulation of scenarios such as Eclipse, Spin and degradation
  • Control, simulation and monitoring of the associated discrete interfaces (Voltage read-back, current read-back, temperature read-back, etc.) by the Rovsing Solar Array Platform
  • Rovsing Power Subsystem Control Software (optional)

Test solutions & products are available COTS or tailored to specific customer requirements, and are available as fully turnkey systems or as standalone individual products.

The Rovsing SAS is an Industry Leader Offering:

  • Highest power density – Watts per rack unit (RU)
  • The only COTS Second Level Protection Product
  • Best output dynamic performance
  • Highest power efficiency
  • Lowest price per watt
  • Quietest system operation
  • Full power test product offering available including:
    • Battery Simulator (Source / Sink)
    • Battery Conditioning (Charge / Discharge)
    • Solar Array Simulator (Solar Array characteristics)
    • Launch Power (spacecraft external power source)
    • Pyrotechnics / Thermal Knives / HDRM

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