Satellite TT&C Bus Test

You may refer to your satellite test equipment as Special Test Equipment (STE), Special Check-Out Equipment (SCOE), or Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE). You may need just one specific subsystem component to fit within your already designed test architecture or a complete stand-alone fully-integrated test system. Your requirement may be for a “standard” test set satisfied by one of our COTS test system configurations, or you may have unique test requirements that even Kratos RT Logic hasn’t seen before. In all cases, our flexible architecture delivers cost-effective solutions—whether straight from our extensive range of existing field-proven products, or tailored, leveraging those field-proven products.

Most major satellite bus manufacturers use Kratos RT Logic Satellite Test systems. Both narrowband and wideband applications are supported, simultaneously supporting single or multiple up- and downlink combinations. A typical scenario is depicted below. Give our Kratos RT Logic satellite test engineering experts a call to discuss the details of your requirements.

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