Satellite Test Companion Products

Most satellite manufacturers use Kratos RT Logic Satellite Test systems. Over more than 15 years, Kratos RT Logic has built a library of companion products that are often leveraged in larger satellite test systems, though they can stand alone when appropriate. Three of the products are listed here, spanning RF and digital switching to software frameworks suitable for satellite test applications.

Reconfigurable Digital I/O Systems

The Kratos RT Logic Digital Matrix (D-Matrix) chassis provides a quick and easy solution to implement digital switching and monitoring within the Telemetrix® and Autometrx™ framework. It provides a fast array of configurations that can be used to propagate and convert digital RS-422 and TTL signals to multiple users and test points. The boards inside the chassis are FPGA-based and provide an Ethernet control interface. The D-Matrix is available in 32×32 up to 64×64 non-blocking configurations. Call us for details.

Reconfigurable RF Switch Systems

Satellite Test applications often require tailored RF switching to meet requirements. Kratos RT Logic’s building block approach is based on our RF Routing And Conditioning (RF-RACC) concept.

  • COTS chassis infrastructure, project-defined implementation
  • Rack-mount, multiple rack unit size options
  • Frequency range experience (DC to 40 GHz)
  • Dynamic range support (+10 to – 145 dBm)
  • Project-specific implementations
    • Diplexers and filters
    • Switches (electro-mechanical or solid state)
    • Variable attenuators
    • Mixers
    • Amplifiers
    • Directional couplers, power dividers/combiners
    • Isolators, circulators
  • Signal monitor/debug test points
  • Signal path calibration support
  • Ethernet control and status
  • Remotely launched GUI interface

Automated Test Software Framework

The Autometrx Test Software Framework provides an open development platform around which both small and large scale test systems can be rapidly designed, developed, and deployed. It provides a turnkey solution that interfaces all Kratos RT Logic Telemetrix products, common test equipment, and unique user components. It provides customers with an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use framework for a full-featured test system management environment. The true power of this framework is the ability to customize its features for your exact system requirements, and provide a platform allowing for code reuse on similar projects with supportability and maintainability.

  • Full-featured development package and runtime package options
  • Test sequence editor
  • Local operator interface customization
  • Test report customization
  • Database utilities
  • Extensive debug capabilities
  • Turnkey project-specific scripts, GUI, reports, etc. (customer or Kratos RT Logic-provided)

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