SpectralFox SATCOM Relay for ISR Big Data


SpectralFox™ is an advanced High Volume/High Data Rate (HV/HDR) solution that supports the rapid, assured one-way transfer of very large amounts of data via satellite for mission critical applications.

Targeted particularly for intelligence community and defense uses, but applicable in any scenario that requires rapid assured transfer of high value Big Data, SpectralFox is a deployable configuration of antennas, Radio Frequency (RF) devices and related equipment powered by Kratos RT Logic’s advanced high data rate modem and data protection algorithms. SpectralFox has passed data at a channel rate of more than 700 Mbps in the field, allowing one-way transmission of a terabyte of error free data in less than four hours. This represents more than a tripling of the effective channel capacity beyond other solutions when using the same satellite system.

SpectralFox dramatically reduces the time needed to transport Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Big Data files while at the same time reducing the manpower and logistics associated with that transport. Today, for example, because the amount of data coming from various sensors in remote locations can be so large, analysts at home may not receive and process the information until long after its peak value. SpectralFox enables the reuse of remote data storage systems versus the expensive practice of shipping the storage by physical transport.

Key Features

  • Record Breaking Transfer Speed for ISR Big Data Files over existing SATCOM infrastructure
  • Error Free Delivery of Files leverages RT Logic DDX Technology
  • Deployable Configurations with Easy Setup

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