satID Signal Geolocation Systems

The satID® Signal Geolocation System is an accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating ground-to-satellite transmission sources. Powerful, flexible, and modular, satID uniquely blends complex science and algorithms with sophisticated hardware and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), resulting in an easy-to-use package for locating and identifying sources of interference due to equipment failure, operator error, intentional jamming, and unauthorized users.

Product Description

Due to a variety of practical antenna and transmitter characteristics, a signal sent to Satellite X is often received at extremely low power levels by nearby Satellite Y. Similarly, reference signals from known locations and interfering signals (accidental or intentional) aimed at Satellite X can also be received at Satellite Y. As a result, downlinks from Satellites X and Y often carry the reference and interfering signals.

Utilizing sophisticated signal analysis and DSP capabilities, along with advanced Cross Ambiguity Functions (CAF), satID precisely correlates all received signals to accurately determine Differential Time Offset (DTO) and Differential Frequency Offset (DFO) information for each.

DTO and DFO information is processed to determine the estimated ground location of the interfering signal, as well as a high-confidence ellipse, encompassing any uncertainties in the results. satID’s patented Ephemeris Error Compensation™, Phase Correction, and Satellite Motion Compensation capabilities minimize geolocation uncertainties.

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