satID GeoSim


Kratos RT Logic’s satID® GeoSim is a precision hardware simulation system that accurately models geolocation scenarios. It perfectly recreates real-world RF signals received by a satID® Signal Geolocation System, adding the full set of physics effects imparted on signals as they travel to and from satellites. This exclusive technology enhances geolocation operations by sharpening operator reaction skills to real-world threats. This results in fast and costeffective link restoration through efficient and accurate diagnoses.

Product Description

satID GeoSim is an innovative and unique product based on Kratos RT Logic’s precision channel simulation technology. Through a simple yet powerful and flexible user interface, operators specify ground locations for transmission and reception sites, choose satellites, and select settings for interference and reference signals. Based on these parameters, satID GeoSim’s advanced signal processing hardware imparts the Doppler shift, time delay, and signal power appropriate for the requested geolocation environment. An entirely new capability in the geolocation industry, satID GeoSim lets users create rogue interference signals, then quickly identify their locations in a fully simulated environment, without diverting mission critical SATCOM equipment.

satID GeoSim emulates interference and reference signals and can generate up to 14 additional signals to represent the spectrum of a typical satellite transponder. Grounded in detailed satellite orbital theory and in-depth RF propagation models, the engineers at Kratos RT Logic have created a full-fidelity simulator that outputs signals indistinguishable from those encountered in nature.

Key Features

  • Precision signal generation, indistinguishable from real-world signals
  • Interoperability with all existing satID systems
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • 24/7 simulation of equipment locations and signals originating anywhere in the world

Powerful Benefits

  • Decrease interference resolution time and cost through operator training
  • Increase training depth and breadth
  • Maintain currency with emergent interference types and geolocation techniques
  • Generate traceable and repeatable results
  • Assess the feasibility of new geolocation scenarios
  • Verify proper operation of geolocation systems

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