RF Link Monitoring and Protection

Kratos RT Logic understands the challenges of developing robust communication systems and has developed a suite of products specifically designed to protect critical communication links. Radio Frequency (RF) signals rarely arrive in optimal condition; atmospheric propagation, equipment distortions, operator error, and intentional or accidental interference wreak havoc on critical links. Maintaining link performance and availability within this punishing environment requires attention at each stage of a program lifecycle, from development to deployment. Kratos RT Logic provides link protection products for use in all phases of the communications system life-cycle:

  • system R&D and production test activities
  • operator field training and deployed system self-test, and
  • deployed operations

T400SM Spectrum Monitor

Interference detection on transponded satellites • Up to four simultaneous channels • C, X, Ku, and Ka-Bands

satID Signal Geolocation Systems

Geolocates satellite link interference • Detects accidental or intentional jamming • Multiple models tailored for various levels of geolocation requirements

satID GeoSim

Precision hardware simulation system • accurately models geolocation scenarios • independent operation from satID geolocation system • keeps satID operators’ skills finely tuned to real world threats

Kratos Real Time 400 Channel Simulator

Creates RF and/or IF signals that precisely match those that occur when transmitters and receivers are in motion with respect to one another • accurately duplicates the motion effects and RF channel physics effects on an RF link • enables bench testing of what once required actual motion and distance between a transmitter and receiver.

T400SG-SSE Satellite Signal Emulator

Wideband satellite signal emulator • Up to 16 simultaneous carriers or interferers • Satellite test and/or operator training

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