T500RX Recorder Family


Data recording is an ever-present requirement in defense and aerospace applications. Whether at the factory, test range, launch pad, or deployed sites such as control centers and remote ground stations, there is always a need for reliable recording at high data rates. The interoperable, standards-based Kratos RT Logic T500RX is a modular real-time recording and playback system that accurately stores a variety of signal types, and associated time, while maintaining Time-Data Correlation (TDC) for simultaneous or post-processing replay.

The T500RX is built on a modular and configurable architecture. The system is available in 1U, 2U, 4U, or 5U chassis, and can be configured with various interface modules to support record and playback of:

  • Digital PCM data
  • Analog baseband signals
  • 70 MHz IF signals
  • Timing signals
  • Video signals
  • IP traffic

The chassis can include any combination of these modules and the high performance backplane supports real-time data recording of more than 8 Gbps. The T500RX recorder scales in channel configurations, storage capacity, and capability to meet growing user requirements.

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