T-SIGCAP Rugged Signal Capture Recorder


The Kratos RT Logic T500RX-SIGCAP Rugged Signal Capture Recorder is a small, rugged, and highly capable digital IF recording system that is ideally suited for signal capture in tactical environments. Plug-in compatible with both fielded and next generation 10 GbE DRTi receiving and tuning systems, the T500RX-SIGCAP enables expansion to a high density collection system with future-proof interface compatibility. The T500RX-SIGCAP records up to four simultaneous signals onto removable Solid State Drive (SSD) media.

Product Description

Hosted on an open systems COTS server with open file systems, the T500RX-SIGCAP maximizes use of commercially available components to provide high performance, turn-key system integration with simple file transfer. The system supports simultaneous recording and playback and provides 4TB of storage in the base configuration. Additional storage capacity is achievable in alternate configurations. The T500RX-SIGCAP can house both legacy and next generation interfaces within the same chassis. The user can simply plug in the cabling for the interface you wish to use.

Key Features

  • Seamless drop-in replacement for End-of-Life recorders
  • Supports current DRTi DIM 1A/1B digital IF interface with smaller, lightweight cabling option
  • Field upgradable to future 10 GbE digital IF interface
  • Simultaneous Record and Playback
  • 2 or 4 channel configuration in low-profile 1U chassis
  • Consistent UI for all interfaces
  • World-wide maintenance support
  • Part of a larger product line with a wide range of channels count and storage options

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