Protected Tactical Radios

Today’s tactical UAVs, platforms and warfighters carry an excess of communications electronics which were developed to single-user requirements and are not designed to interoperate or share information in a contested environment. Besides an increasing demand for information using decreasing size, weight and power (SWaP) footprints, legacy tactical waveforms are vulnerable to intentional or unintentional disruption or exploitation. Kratos RT Logic provides flexible ISR radios for both airborne and mounted applications that meet existing and future secure tactical communications needs via software-defined updates.

The ever changing tactical threat landscape demands game-changing, agile and affordable communications solutions. The small form factor, low power requirements, and RF and waveform adaptability of the flight radios equips a new generation of airborne and surface applications where reduced SWaP and increased mission resiliency are required. Existing airborne or mounted DoD and ally mission programs benefit from an ability to retrofit existing tactical platforms with multi-band, multi-waveform secure communications in a fully ruggedized package.

Kratos RT Logic provides ISR radios for both airborne and mounted applications that are designed to meet existing and future tactical communications needs via software-defined updates through innovative waveforms and signal-processing algorithms. This enables the tactical warfighter mission to better utilize cross domain communications while optimizing the adaptability, performance, and operation of tactical communications in today’s dynamic contested environments

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