BSS: Best Source Selector


The Best Source Selector is a high-performance solution designed for telemetry applications requiring constant evaluation and automatic selection of the best source of data. Manual operation of the selection process is also supported to account for anomalous conditions or constant person-in-the-loop requirements. The system is flexible and highly configurable for specific mission needs.

Product Description

The BSS employs an advanced algorithm that selects and switches a set of telemetry streams based on real-time telemetry stream quality. Multiple sets of user-configurable parameters can be saved and restored to enable rapid operational configuration. The system interfaces with a variety of non-blocking matrix switches to perform the selection function, and includes support for range safety, range user, and analog IRIG streams.


Key Features

  • Configuration and operational monitoring and control are available at the built-in display
  • GUI can be run on a remote display (requires Ethernet connectivity)
  • Socket-based API (using the OMG GEMS standard) allows for custom integration into user environments

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