T500GT Network Gateway


The Kratos RT Logic T500GT IP Gateway Protocol Translator is the next generation system for interconnecting control centers to baseband ground station antenna sites. The T500GT deterministically transports telemetry (TM), telecommand (TC), mission data, IRIG, and digitized analog signals between locations linked by commercial or private IP-based networks. Both serial-to-packet and packet-to-serial protocol conversions are supported, enabling the T500GT to perform protocol conversions between serial-interface devices and IP-based networks.

Product Description

Control centers, ground stations, test sites, vehicle factories, and payload processing facilities are migrating from dedicated serial interconnections to commercially available IP networks. A system is needed that supports both legacy protocols and emerging net-centric protocols such as SLE. The T500GT connects existing serial-based ground telemetry systems to an IP network and acts as a bi-directional, ground-based data conduit from the satellite modem to the end user.

Key Features

  • Deterministically transmits data content over IP networks; performs telemetry, commanding, and CCSDS processing
  • Converts between serial streams and WAN IP packets
  • Performs forward error correction algorithms

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