DataDefender - Network Packet Loss Protection


When using IP networks as part of real-time data transport and processing systems, the system designer faces challenges imposed by latency, network jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth limitations. RT Logic's DataDefender enables these networks to optimize the performance of the WAN and achieve maximum mission benefit. It improves performance through management of deterministic latency, network jitter, reduced data loss and reliable throughput.

As IP networks are composed of multiple network devices, each with its own set of buffers, traffic flows, and routing algorithms, packet transit latencies are non-deterministic and may display a large variance. This is problematic for ground systems transporting a continuous flow of real-time data as typical devices expect smooth and consistent data rates. DataDefender helps solve the problem by characterizing network performance. Analytical tools help quantify end-to-end performance, correlate failures to network events, and display both real-time/trending of common network metrics.

Key Features

Understanding Network Performance

  • Understand network performance end-to-end (loss, latency, jitter)
  • Correlate failures to network events
  • Analyze in real-time or trend common network metrics

Improve Network Performance

  • Reduce network data loss
  • Manage network latency
  • Manage network jitter
  • Improve throughput

Integrate Within Your Existing Environment

DataDefender easily integrates within existing IP architectures including digital IF. The IP data is not interpreted or altered by DataDefender, which works within telemetry mission data, intelligence, SATCOM, range, medical, and civilian applications. Because it is a software application, it is directly portable as a book-end appliance, or licensed within a server application, embedded solution, or virtual machine.

DataDefender is compatible with and runs transparently within any existing network architecture. It also is available as an add-on option to other RT Logic products (SpectralNet, Recorders, Modems, Gateways, Muxes, File Transfer) and supports the interface formats (RS-422, LUDS, TTL, ECL, Baseband, IF) provided by these products.

Use Cases

DataDefender helps greatly improve network performance within a broad range of user applications. These applications span from single/full duplex links, real-time networks, data flow, and file transfers both locally and internationally.

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