AFSCN Network Gateway


The Kratos RT Logic AFSCN Network Gateway Advanced Data Communication Control Protocol Translator (T500GT-ADCCP) is the next generation system for deterministic transport of Serial Telemetry (TM) and Serial Telecommand (TC) data between mission control center systems and AFSCN Automated Remote Tracking Stations (ARTS sites).

Product Description

The T500GT-ADCCP allows users to control an ARTS site via the AFSCN and monitor the ARTS status and configuration directly from the user application across a LAN or from an optional GUI. The T500GT can also support connectivity to commercial networks (such as USN) or private ground antenna systems.

The T500GT-ADCCP provides a spacecraft command interface that is accessible from either the LAN or through direct connection to a variety of encryption units. Commands are sent to the T500GT in either Dibit or Ternary format, and then translated by the system into a CCS message for transmission to the ARTS site. Subsequent command echo packets are returned to the command and control system in the appropriate format for further processing. The T500GT-ADCCP supports polarity inversion and format conversion for telemetry streams.

Key Features

  • AFSCN Interoperability (AFSCN-SIS-000508)
  • USN, NISN Support
  • ARTS Simulation
  • AIM Compatibility

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