Network Gateway and Muxes

Kratos RT Logic gateway products are field-proven and trusted to handle Command & Control (C2), telemetry, and mission data streams—low and high rate. 

ioPLEX Mux/Demux Network Edge Device

  • Dual GigE network interfaces (optical or copper) for packet network uplink, with IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • High reliability and availability: 1 to 1 redundancy, hot-swap for all modules means Telco grade equipment

T500MX Mux/Demux Network Edge Device

  • Deterministically transports serial data over IP-based networks
  • Maintains rigid time-data correlation 
  •  Little latency contribution and extremely low stream-to-stream skew

T500GT Network Gateway

  • Deterministically transmits data content over IP networks; performs telemetry, commanding, and CCSDS processing
  • Converts between serial streams and WAN IP packets
  • Performs forward error correction algorithms

AFSCN Network Gateway

  • Performs the protocol and interface processing required to interact with AFSCN ground antenna sites; includes command and telemetry processing and enables monitoring and control of the remote ground station equipment
  • Supports Ternary, Binary, Dibit, and EXU serial formats
  • Interfaces on the Black side with all commonly used encryption/decryption equipment (KG61/62s, Mykotronx units, KI-17, KIV-7, and KS252)

DataDefender - Guaranteed Network Transport

  • Reliable data delivery over impaired networks
  • Low overhead
  • Tunable algorithm to match network characteristics
  • Supports speeds up to 10 Gb Ethernet

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