T70/70XL TT&C Modem


The T70/70XL is Kratos RT Logic’s turnkey system for ground antennas and satellite test consoles. It integrates telemetry, command, and ranging functions (RF through baseband) in a compact 4U chassis. The T70/70XL employs Dynamic Digital Modules (DDMs) to provide reconfigurable signal processing functions. The T70/70XL is the Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) solution for the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN). 

Product Description 

Telemetry applications include the 70 MHz IF Receiver function (PM, PSK, FM, FM/FM demodulators), subcarrier demodulation (BPSK/QPSK), bit synchronization, decoding (Viterbi and Reed-Solomon), CCSDS processing, and frame synchronization. An FSK signal discriminator is also available. 


Key Features

  • World's Leading Ranging Modem for Standard SGLS/USB Applications
  • AFSCN's Digital Signal Processor
  • 70MHz IF Interface
  • Windows-7 OS

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