T400XR TT&C Modem


The Kratos RT Logic T400XR is a satellite telemetry, tracking, and commanding modem for satellite ground stations. The system’s flexible and modular architecture allows the T400XR to support multiple mission configurations and be used as a replacement for legacy receiver models, or for new applications. Reliability and configuration diversity perfectly suit the T400XR for applications spanning the full lifetime of the satellite from assembly and test, through launch and in-orbit test phases, to full operation. 

Product Description

The T400XR is all about providing flexibility in form, fit, and function. Based on the latest FPGA technology, the T400XR combines the custom and multi-mission processing capabilities of software-based systems with the speed, low latency, and low latency variability of an analog system. The T400XR supports a wide range of modulation and demodulation signal processing modes, including SGLS and USB (tone) ranging, PSK, PM, FM, and spread spectrum. Custom waveforms are also supported. Multi-channel systems support diversity combining or multiple simultaneous downlinks and uplinks. 

Key Features

  • Customizable software-defined waveform processing
  • Ranging, SGLS/USB, and TDRS spread spectrum
  • 70MHz IF and fully integrated S/L-Band interfaces
  • Linux OS with IA Hardening Options

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