T400FC Frequency Converters


The T400FC Frequency Conversion system is a modular frequency conversion solution designed for applications where availability, size and weight, power, and life cycle cost are critical. It performs multichannel frequency up- and downconversion at UHF, L-, S-, C-, X-, and Ku-Bands. The T400FC is available in 1U, 2U, and 5U rack-mount chassis options.

Key Features

Flexible Single to Multi-channel Configurations

  • Up to 17 converter modules (5U chassis)
  • Up to 4 converter modules (2U chassis)
  • Up to 2 converter modules (1U chassis)
  • RF/IF connections on module front panels

Block Up- and Downconverter Modules

  • C-, X-, and Ku-Band (RF) with L-Band (IF)

Agile Up- and Downconverter Modules

  • S-,L-Band to/from 70MHz, 266MHz, and custom IF

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