T-GPS M-Code GPS Receiver


The Kratos RT Logic T-GPS M-Code Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver is a modular GPS reference receiver that simultaneously acquires, tracks, and demodulates L1, L2, and L5 signals on multiple channels. Each GPS receiver is comprised of one or more downconverter modules, a clock generation module, and multiple receiver modules, all housed in a single ruggedized 5U chassis with dual-redundant power supplies.

Product Description

  • High system reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Ruggedized 5U chassis
  • High-speed backplane for distribution of digital
  • IF between downconverters and receivers
  • Dual redundant, hot-swappable power supplies 

Key Features

  • Converts GPS L1, L2, and L5 signals to digital
  • IF Custom frequency plans available on request
  • Processes all three frequencies in parallel
  • FPGA-based DSP enhances operation
  • Rapid time and frequency domain search for fast direct acquisition
  • Programmable tracking correlator spacing

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