T-GNSS Global Navigation Receiver


The Kratos RT Logic T-GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System Reference Receiver simultaneously acquires, tracks, and demodulates GPS L1, L2, and L5 and Galileo E1, E5, and E6 signals on multiple channels. Each receiver is comprised of one or more downconverter modules, a clock generation module, and multiple receiver modules, housed in a single ruggedized 5U chassis with dual-redundant power supplies. 

Product Description 

  • Monitor stations
  • Satellite test equipment
  • Jamming and spoofing detection
  • Integrity monitoring 
  • Test ranges

Key Features

  • High system reliability and ease of maintenance
  • High-speed backplane for distribution of digital
  • IF between downconverters and receivers
  • Dual redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
  • Auto-switching frequency reference
  • Internal 10 MHz OCXO External 5 MHz or 10 MHz input overrides internal oscillator
  • Optional CPU processor for local monitor, control, and maintenance Ruggedized 5U chassis

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