Multi Mission Receiver (MMR)


The Kratos RT Logic Multi Mission Receiver (MMR) brings the benefits of digital receiver technology to high data rate requirements. The MMR provides industry-leading Bit Error Rate (BER) performance, as well as user-selectable support for a variety of waveforms and data rates. The MMR supports carrier tracking, demodulation, bit synchronization, and digital processing of dual Intermediate Frequency (IF) signal inputs at transmission rates adjustable up to 2 Gbps. The digital signal processing implementation provides flexibility to support different demodulation and processing schemes and, unlike legacy analog implementations, requires no calibration. The soft-programmable implementation allows support for new requirements without building new hardware.

Product Description 

The MMR supports downlink processing of BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, and 16QAM signals. Symbol rates up to 600 Msps are supported for all modulation types. The demodulation processing is supplemented by bit synchronization, Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) code conversion, digital filtering, and adaptive signal equalization for transmission optimization. Multiple Forward Error Correction (FEC) options are currently supported including Viterbi, Reed-Solomon (RS), and Low Density Parity Check (LDPC). Output from the unit is available as differential Emitter-Coupled Logic (ECL) data and clock or as IP packets available over Ethernet.

The MMR is designed to act as an integrated ground system supporting TT&C and Wideband and Mission data processing in a compact, reliable 2U form factor. The MMR is a modular uTCA architecture which offers customers the ability to add integrated capabilities such as a fully-complementary wideband modulator, operational satellite TT&C functions for SGLS or USB based on the Kratos RT Logic T400XR modem, or integrated telemetry processing capabilities based on Kratos RT Logic’s T500HR, allowing for highrate CCSDS processing, RAID data archival, and network data distribution. Additionally, the MMR allows customers to integrate their own processing functions via a dedicated computer module within the chassis.


Key Features

  • Tunable IF from 300 to 2500MHz
  • Digital and Analog IF Inputs
  • Adaptive Equalizer
  • Dual, Independent IFs
  • Digital Demodulation
  • Integrated TT&C and Mission Data Processing


  • Remote Sensing
  • DVB-S2 Reception
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Earth Imaging
  • Wideband Payload Test
  • TDRSS (NB and WB)

Platform Benefits

  • 2U Open uTCA Architecture
  • User-Defineable GUI and Logging

Optional Features

  • TT&C Functions
  • Test Modulator
  • IF and Data Recording/Playback
  • CCSDS SLE and Frame Processing
  • DataDefender Packet Protection
  • Error Vector Magnitude
  • Customer CPU Modules

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