HDRM High Data Rate Modem


High performance, total flexibility. The High Data Rate Modem is a high-rate multi-mission satellite data receiver, data processing, and simulation system that supports CCSDS (for conventional and advanced orbiting systems), standard CDL, DVB-S2, and direct sequence spread spectrum.

Product Description

The HDRM performs data reception, ingest, processing, distribution, and archiving functions at rates up to 1.7 Gbps. It is most commonly deployed within a satellite ground station, but is also ideal for applications including satellite integration/test and aircraft data acquisition.

Support for multiple missions is a core design principle of the HDRM; therefore, the system’s receiver is implemented as a digital, software-defined radio. The radio is configurable to accommodate multiple modulation schemes, data rates, coding algorithms, and data formats. It provides demodulation match filters that can be tuned to correspond to characteristics of individual transmitters, improving communication performance. The system’s linear wideband front end and high dynamic range enable adaptive filtering of the received signal based on symbol rate and Doppler. These characteristics also ensure compatibility with the complex modulation and coding schemes that will be developed for future missions.

HDRM High Data Rate Modem

Key Features

  • Fully digital, tunable transmitter and receiver
  • Modulation and demodulation at rates up to 1.7 Gbps
  • LDCM (LANDSAT-8) and Common Data Link (CDL) compatibility
  • Support DVB-S2 up to 300 MSymbols/s Direct Ethernet or ECL data output to network (IP, multicast, and network attached storage)

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