Kratos RT Logic Satellite modem and receiver products provide SGLS, USB, TDRS, and custom waveform support for your critical C2 and Mission Data applications.

Multi Mission Receiver (MMR)

  • Multi-Channel; DVB-S2 and CCSDS Demodulator
  • Customizable software-defined waveform processing
  • Remote Sensing; SCPC and MCPC; Wideband DSSS Support
  • L-Band and Programmable IF; Serial, 1Gbe, 10Gbe Outputs

T70/70XL TT&C Modem

  • Ranging (SGLS/USB)
  • AFSCN's Digital Signal Processor

T400XR TT&C Modem

  • Customizable software-defined waveform processing
  • Ranging, SGLS, USB (STDN), and TDRSS spread spectrum
  • 70 MHz and S/L-Band interfaces

quantumMR Small Sat Mission Receiver

  • Software Defined Modem
  • Independent, dual channel receiver

T400RCV Receiver

  • IF: 70 MHz ± 20 MHz
  • Bit synchronization
  • Spectral display, I/Q vector plot

T400FC Frequency Converters

  • Single to multi-band conversion options
  • UHF, L-, S-, C-, X-, and Ku-Band up- and downconversion
  • Flexible packaging

T-GPS M-Code GPS Receiver

  • Converts GPS L1, L2, and L5 signals to digital IF
  • Acquires, tracks, and demodulates GPS signals from up to 24 SVs per module

T-GNSS Global Navigation Receiver

  • Converts GNSS RF signals to digital IF
  • Wideband (85 MHz) front end

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