WDP Wideband Data Processor


The Kratos RT Logic Wideband Data Processor is a highly reliable real-time data processing and IP transport system that supports single channel data rates to 6.4 Gbps. The WDP transports wideband serial data over IP networks, while maintaining very tight channel-to-channel correlation and faithfully reproducing data at the destination node. Standard IP network support for the WDP includes UDP, TCP, Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM), and Multicast IP protocols. The WDP is also customizable to support user-defined packet formats.

Software defined mission data processing algorithms are easily integrated into the WDP. Kratos RT Logic offers a host of algorithms for digital data processing, including CCSDS data processing, frame synchronization, rate buffering, Viterbi and Reed-Solomon decoding, and autonomous bit error rate measurement.

Product Description

Wideband mission data recording in real-time using state-of-the-art commercial high-performance RAID storage arrays is available as an optional integrated feature of the WDP. The flexible, server-based architecture of the WDP maximizes channel density and scalability while supporting your choice of peripherals. The WDP seamlessly integrates with commercially available network interface boards to support various network layers, including copper and fiber optic networks for IP protocols. The WDP is customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Key Features

  • Selectable network data transport (TCP, UDP, Multicast, PGM)
  • Supports dozens of processing algorithms
  • Maintains precise time-data correlation
  • Offers up to 6.4 Gbps per channel

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