Software FEP, Software Gateway, and Virtual Machines

Front-End Processors (FEPs) and gateways have been used traditionally to provide a standardized interface to the cryptographic device in the encryption of commands and decryption of telemetry from space vehicles. Those crypto devices are now migrating to IP-based interfaces – the result is that Software Front End Processor (FEP) and Software Gateway virtualized TT&C solutions are the way of the future, freeing control center architects from hardware-based systems with dedicated firmware-based serial interfaces to crypto devices.

Support for cubesat, smallsats, and on up to large sats, along with the flexibility required to support hosted payloads and disaggregated architectures, means that control center systems today need a level of flexibility not previously encountered. Kratos RT Logic’s Software FEPs and Gateways are the optimum solution - fully software-defined, leveraging our control center algorithms which have been field-proven in both test and on-orbit applications for over 17 years. With an available customer capability for non-proprietary processing adaptation, your control center investment is protected against changing requirements. As pure software products with easy field upgradeability and future feature enhancements - or when your hardware platform just needs a tech refresh several years down the road – Kratos RT Logic’s Software FEPS and Gateways are ready for any eventuality.

Product Description

For our Software FEP and Software Gateway products, Kratos RT Logic has migrated our proven T501 FEP and T500GT algorithms into a pure software baseline.

Key Features

  • Small memory footprint allows for efficient use of system resources
  • Supports virtualization environments, such as VMware vSphere™
  • Eliminates dependencies on custom drivers, firmware, and hardware cards, promoting platform independence

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