CCSDS SLE Interoperability


The Kratos RT Logic Space Link Extension (SLE) protocol component enables Kratos RT Logic products to use the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS SLE interoperability) space-to-ground data constructs to move telecommand and telemetry data between various elements of satellite ground networks. In addition, an optional SLE User Dev Kit is available to assist customers when developing their own SLE user edge devices for guaranteed communications with Kratos 
RT Logic products acting as SLE providers. Based on Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s SLE reference implementation, the SLE components and User Dev Kit have been updated to support the latest CCSDS Blue Book 2 recommendations.

Product Description

The CCSDS SLE protocol component allows Kratos RT Logic products to support SLE protocols. Both edge devices and end-to-end ground systems are supported. Leveraging Kratos RT Logic’s Telemetrix® software framework, it can be incorporated into any Kratos RT Logic system to provide CCSDS SLE protocol support.

The CCSDS SLE User Dev Kit complements the CCSDS SLE protocol component by allowing the customer to use their own equipment/software to interface with Kratos RT Logic products acting as SLE providers.

Key Features

  • ƒƒData Rates 100+ Mbps
  • Adaption and conversion layers to support non-native data services
  • SLE User Dev Kit

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