Front-End Processors

Connecting satellite Command & Control (C2) systems to COMSEC devices on the “Red side” of a satellite ground architecture, Kratos RT Logic Front-End Processors are available in the industry’s widest range of configurations, from IP-based software-only to serial interface solutions.

T501 Front-End Processor

  • Full range of commanding and telemetry processing
  • Supports all commonly used COMSEC equipment (KG61/62s, Mykotronx units, KI-17, KIV-7, and KS252 etc)
  • Extensive CCSDS Support
  • GEMS-compliant control and status interface

Software Front-End Processor and Virtual Machines

  • Scalable, memory-efficient, software-only FEP
  • Runs on Kratos RT Logic hardware systems or customer-provided platforms
  • Scalability features and blade server architecture support
  • Support for leading virtualization environments

T171 AES Crypto Capability

  • Performs commercial AES-256 bit encryption
  • IP network-based cryptographic device
  • Accepts serial ECL, LVPECL, LVDS, RS-422, TTL support, or direct IP network inputs

CCSDS SLE Interoperability

  • Data Rates 100+ Mbps
  • Adaptation and conversion layers to support non-native data services

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