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DataDefender is an IP transport solution that increases throughput and reliability for real-time, mission-critical flows across WAN links. UDP and TCP are standard network protocols and make up the base of IP transport, but neither is designed for strategic applications. WANs introduce packet loss, fragmentation, re-ordering, duplication, latency, and jitter on IP streams. Solutions using native UDP for WAN transport risk data loss, out-of-order delivery, and duplication. TCP across WANs suffers limited bandwidth, high latency, and excessive jitter. For systems depending on error-free, timely, or high-bandwidth data, UDP and TCP will fail.

Instead, DataDefender uses a high-performance protocol designed to be impervious to lossy, high-latency WANs. Flows are protected from packet loss, fragmentation, reordering, duplication, latency, and jitter while adding minimal latency and overhead.


DataDefender supports flexible deployment architectures and is available as a stand-alone appliance, a virtual application, or integrated software. DataDefender operates as a network edge solution. Data is received as UDP or TCP stream. Then, the data is packaged for WAN transport in a protected format. DataDefender sends the protected data across the WAN in a protocol built on top of UDP, so no special router configuration is required and DataDefender does not leverage any special requirements on the network. At the far end, the receiving DataDefender decodes the protected stream, repairs any errors, and passes on the data as a UDP or TCP stream.

Key Benefits

Guarantee lossless network performance

  • Eliminate network drops, duplication, and jitter
  • Control end-to-end transport latency
  • Maximize throughput

Network Situational Awareness

  • Measure detailed statistics on network conditions
  • Correlate system discrepancies with network events
  • Analyze in real-time or trend common network metrics


  • Standard Internet Protocol Support (TCP/UDP)
  • Packet Forword Error Correction (PFEC)
  • Intelligent Retransmission Protocol IRP)
  • Latency Aware Re-ordering Window
  • Network Test Source
  • MTU Enforcement
  • Datagram Packing
  • UDP Frame Boundary Preservation
  • Network Situational Awareness
  • Network Diversity and Multiple Consumer Architecture Support (Optional)

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