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DISA/JITC certified, the ioPLEX is an affordable, high-performance IP access gateway that offers support for more data types, higher aggregate throughput and better operational reliability than other circuit emulation devices on the market today.


The CWCT is an affordable, high-performance Common Data Link (CDL) compliance waveform tester that offers full support for the standard CDL Waveform specification, with the capability to compliance test CDL terminals.


High performance, total flexibility. The High Data Rate Modem (HDRM) is a high-rate multi-mission satellite data receiver/transmitter, processing, and simulation system that supports waveforms including Consultative Comittee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) (for Conventional and Advanced Orbiting Systems), Standard Common Data Link (CDL), Digital Video Broadcasting for Satellite, Second Generation (DVB-S2), and Time-Division Muliplexed (TDM) formats.

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